Season Lease | Great Divide Montana

The Best Equipment Deals are at Great Divide!

In total, we have over 2,200 full sets of equipment available for season lease or purchase. You’ll have a terrific selection of models and price ranges in every size. Many are completely reconditioned sets from previous seasons, and several hundred are brand new for this season.

Ski Sets

Entry Level skis have a wide platform and easy turning carve shape, just right to get those parallel turns smoothed out. 

New Technology Sport skis provide a bit more zip and pop, putting some more fun in your run. Many sport skis are now twin tip and all-mountain mid-fats.

Premium and Specialty Powder skis are suited to the advanced and expert skiers. Big fat fluid “Backside” skis, true twins, many with rocker, hi-speed carvers.

Snowboard Sets

Entry Level: Burton (Learn to Ride)  or Head  Flex 4D for beginners.

New Technology Sport: Burton Progression or Head Flocka’s for intermediate & advanced free-riders.


Why should I lease gear?

Getting in on a season lease will get you out on the mountain without having to invest in the cost of new gear.  It’s perfect for kids that may outgrow their setup after a season.  It allows you to skip the lines that can accumulate to rent and return gear.  Or maybe you are someone who wants the latest and greatest skis each year, which can get expensive! This will free you up to adventure whenever and wherever you like without having to worry about the shop hours to pick up and return your gear. 

When does the season lease program start?

Great Divide’s rental shop is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 4pm beginning on October 7th through the start of ski season.  Get in early to have the best selection.  Appointments are recommended but not required.  Appointment reservations will be available beginning September 18th at 8am.

When is the gear due back?

The return date is May 4, 2024.  

A $25 per month per set late fee will be charged beginning on June 1, 2024 for un-returned gear.

How much does a season lease cost?

The cost will vary based on the gear being rented.  See the cost table below.  

How do you determiine if someone is adult or junior pricing?

The adult or junior pricing is determined entirely by what size they fit into. If they will be using junior equipment for the season, they will be charged the junior price. If they have outgrown the junior equipment, and use adult gear, they will be charged the adult price.

We do have some junior skis that are long, but they are intended for lighter weight juniors, so they may not be suitable for all juniors.

What if my child outgrows their gear partway through the season?

Bring them back in and we can swap out for a bigger size at no extra cost!  Inventory will be limited so we cannot guarantee a like for like exchange.

Do you run out of lease gear?

We have the most extensive lease fleet in the state of Montana. We have yet to turn away an individual due to lack of equipment, but we will run out of certain packages. We’d encourage everyone to come before the snow flies to make sure you get the gear that suits you the best!

What should I expect when I come to get my gear?

,Make sure you come prepared!

Did you fill out the Season Lease Reservation form (this is where you must fill in your height, weight, and shoe size)

Make an appointment to let our staff know when you will be here!

Ok, now that the paperwork is out of the way… don’t forget your ski socks!

When you arrive we will direct you to our staff for boot fitting.  Our dedicated staff will measure your foot and discuss your skiing style.  After that, we will start trying on boots!  

Once you have your boots, we will send you to pick out your skis.  Again, our dedicated staff will ask you about your skiing style.  This is generally what will dictate which package you will be in (but if you have budgetary concerns, please let us know!).  

Once we get you fitted for boots and skis, our rental shop technicians will adjust your bindings so you will be ready to go when the snow flies!

Rental Type Entry LevelSportPremiumSpecialty Powder Skis
Used (1-2 years old)$175$225$250$300
Used (3+ years old)$175$200$225$275
Rental Type Entry LevelSportPremium
Used (1-2 years old)$100$150$200
Used (3+ years old)$100$125$175
Rental Type Entry LevelSport
Rental Type Entry LevelSport

Lease appointments are available on Saturdays and Sundays beginning October 7th through the start of the ski season from 10 am until 4 pm. 

You can book your season lease appointment on our website beginning at 8 a.m. on Monday, September 18th. While appointments are not required, they are highly recommended. 

There are TWO steps to set up your season lease reservation!