Season Lease | Great Divide Montana

The Best Equipment Deals are at Great Divide!

In total, we have over 2,000 full sets of equipment available for season lease or purchase. You’ll have a terrific selection of models and price ranges in every size. Many are completely reconditioned sets from previous seasons, and several hundred are brand new for this season.

Ski Sets

Entry Level skis have a wide platform and easy turning carve shape, just right to get those parallel turns smoothed out. Many of our skis feature “Early-Rise” rocker technology.

New Technology Sport skis provide a bit more zip and pop, putting some more fun in your run. Many sport skis are now twin tip and all-mountain mid-fats.

Premium and Specialty Powder skis are suited to the advanced and expert skiers. Big fat fluid “Backside” skis, true twins, many with rocker, hi-speed carvers.

Snowboard Sets

Entry Level: Burton (Learn to Ride)  or Head  Flex 4D for beginners.

New Technology Sport: Burton Progression or Head Flocka’s for intermediate & advanced free-riders.

While we will continue to do season leases now that our season is open, we will no longer be accepting appointments. Just come on into the ticket office and let them know you need to be fitted for lease equipment.  We will get you on your way as quickly as possible!

Rental Type Entry LevelSportPremiumSpecialty Powder Skis
Used (1-2 years old)$150$200$250$300
Used (3+ years old)$150$175$225$275
Rental Type Entry LevelSportPremium
Used (1-2 years old)$100$150$200
Used (3+ years old)$100$125$175
Rental Type Entry LevelSport
Rental Type Entry LevelSport