• Provide safety services to guests.
  • Provide medical attention and evacuation from the mountain for injured persons.
  • Enforcement of area safety rules and performance policies.
  • Maintain proper slope and trail conditions through signage, fencing, closures, etc.
  • Work closely with lift operators.
  • Requires current OEC and CPR certification.  Certifications may be obtained by successfully completing the Outdoor Emergency Care course organized by the Great Divide Volunteer Ski Patrol each Fall beginning in early September.
  • Requires on-mountain patrol certification by Operations Manager.
  • Must be able to safely use snowmobile, chainsaw, and variety of hand and power tools.Cabin Lighter

Our Professional Patrollers also serve as Lift Operations Supervisors.  Must be proficient at operation of all Great Divide Lifts.  Must posses supervisory capability.

Full-time seasonal position.  May become an annual position by working as summer trail crew building and maintaining slopes and trails, and general maintenance of the facility.

Pay Range: $10 – $16/hour.

Volunteer Positions are also available. Learn more about the Great Divide Volunteer Ski Patrol.

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