• pixtodayOperates the lifts in a safe manner providing the best possible experience for the guests.
  • Assists guests on and off lifts; instructs guests in the proper use of lifts.
  • Maintain safe load and unload areas.
  • Assist with ticket checking, crowd control, litter control, and other duties as assigned.
  • Must be able to work outdoors in various winter (often extreme) weather conditions.
  • Previous outdoor winter work experience is helpful.
  • Ability to ski or snowboard is very helpful, but not necessary.
  • Must be able to upload and download on lifts without using skis or snowboard.
  • Comprehensive training program provided.

Must work weekends. Weekday shifts available as well.

Pay Range: $9 – $12/hour.

Job Application


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  • Please list anything that demonstrates your qualifications.

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