We are wrapping up a seven year, one million dollar clean-up of the pine beetle infestation.  The thousands of trees removed have created a healthy, green forest with amazing glade skiing opportunities on all areas of the mountain.

This summer, our trail crew has cut remaining standing dead and found recently fallen trees.  We have limbed and topped them, and sectioned the trunk wood into easy to carry pieces.  Each firewood pile that is available to be taken is identified with a pink ribbon.  Once you have loaded that section into your truck, please take the ribbon with you.

Even though a chain saw is not required, we ask that you bring a fire extinguisher, shovel and water.  It is dry here in August, and vehicle exhaust systems or brakes can ignite dry tall grasses, so please be careful.

Just pick up a federal firewood permit for $5/cord at any of the following locations:

  • Helena National Forest Supervisor’s and Ranger District Offices
  • Broadwater Market
  • South’s Country Store on York Road
  • Capital Sports and Western
  • Rock Hand Hardware

Note: most locations require that you purchase a minimum of 4 cords, so have $20 handy.

Then call Kevin 439-8742 & he’ll show you where to go.  After your 1st visit, come back and get some more!