Variable Walking Surfaces - Great Divide Montana


Use caution when walking in parking lots and in all other areas of the resort.

 Please note and consider the following:

  • Be informed about current and upcoming weather conditions.  Weather and walking conditions in the mountains can change rapidly.  New snow can cover slick spots.  Communicate to others and tell them to “pass it on.”
  • Before exiting a vehicle, open the door and look down to assess the walking surface conditions.
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear with soles designed for outdoor winter conditions.  Consider using specially designed shoe or boot attachments in icy conditions such as traction cleats or rubber sole attachments for ski boots.
  • Avoid distractions and focus on the walking surface ahead.  Store your phone securely in a pocket.
  • Keep your head up, plan your path of travel, look before you step, and walk slowly.  Use handrails on stairs.
  • Take shorter steps.  Shuffle your feet in slick conditions.  This helps to force shorter steps and keep both feet positioned to help you recover if you start to slip.
  • Remove sunglasses and tinted goggles when entering a low-light area.