Alpine Touring

Alpine Touring Skiing at Great Divide

Effective October 2017

You are welcome to ascend for some alpine touring at Great Divide. We ask that you follow these rules for your safety and the safety of our guests and staff.

  • Please do not bring your dogs to the mountain.
  • No “Post-hole” boot climbing.  Ski-skin ascent or use “approach” short skis for snowboard descents.
  • You may ski up only when the lifts are not operating/carrying public.
  • Once the public boards the lifts for daily or nighttime operations, you must stop ascending and begin skiing down.
  • Popular assemblage points are at the top of Belmont and Good Luck chairlifts. Please move off to the side and minimize your footprint. These are critical grooming areas, make room for our Snowcats.
  • After-hours ascents may not begin again until ski patrol has completed their “sweep” at the end of operations.  Generally ½ hour after closing, but always check in at the ticket office or lodge to confirm.
  • Snowcats and snowmobiles are frequently in use by mountain staff.  THEY ARE NOT LOOKING FOR YOU SO YOU MUST ACTIVELY AVOID THEM!  If a snowcat is coming down a road or narrow trail….GET OFF OF THAT ROAD.
  •  Ascend on sides of trails not center.
  •  Do not ascend through terrain parks.
  •  Please do not set your descent tracks down center of a freshly groomed trail.
  •  At night, wear reflective clothing materials and always display a headlamp.
  •  Do not litter.
  •  Park where you will not interfere with plowing operations.
  • SNOWMAKING:  DANGER!  We have 25 snowmaking stations on the lower mountain.  Each station has a hydrant (up to 500 PSI water pressure) and an electrical station (480 volt 3 phase).
  • Snowguns (fans or sticks) are connected to stations via fire hoses and electrical cables.  These guns can be as far as 300’ from their connection station.  YOU must study and know where those connections are running.  NEVER ascend or descend between a gun (operating or not) and its connection station, over a hose/wire connection. Significant property damage, injury and/or death are possible, even likely.
  • Occasionally we may pull closure chains/signs across our entry locations if we feel that ascent skiing is too troublesome or dangerous at that time (rare). Heed closure signs
  • If the parking lots are muddy, please clean your boots before going on to the snow.  MUD KILLS SNOW!
  • It is never a good idea to go alone.
  • Ski Patrol and rescue services are not available outside of regular operating hours of the ski area.

If you ever need clarification of policies or closures contact our mountain staff.

Office: 449.3746

Kevin: 439.8742

Shane: 320.2580