6+ Stunning Fun Activities To Try At A Ski Resort

Usually, the first reason to go to a mountain resort is to ski, sunbathe, and relax all the time. But over time, the demand from tourists grew to the point that today’s ski resorts are equipped to offer a multitude of different services and free-time activities for their clients.

What Tourists Want In A Ski Resort

In fact, tourists want to expand their vacation experience by doing more things than before. It’s not all about skiing all the time, which could be very boring after a couple of hours spent going up and down a mountain.

That’s why almost all ski resorts in the world are looking to attract tourists by offering them the possibility to practice sports, enjoy alternative activities, and try new entertainment.

One of the most stunning additions made by several mountain ski resorts consists of sports courses and fields. They understand that people want to experience all the things they normally can’t afford in life, including practising certain sports that they have never tried before. Having a couple of sports fields in the resort allows the resort owners to earn more money rather than having the clients going elsewhere to play those sports or other alternative activities. Equally, this is a great vacation resource for tourists who can try something new and expand their vacation experience with great memories. You can learn the rules of the sport that you want to try directly at the resort or by checking this online sports betting resource on the internet. You can also follow real-time sports events and, if you want to add an extra thrill of emotion, you can also try placing a sports bet online and see if you can win a prize.

A Variety Of Things To Do

So, if you are going to spend your next vacation in a ski resort, make sure to try these activities to enjoy your time and vacation experience at its best level:

  1. Ice driving or ice karting
    This is a cool alternative to skiing. Ice karting allows you to go on the snow onboard a snow kart. You can take your kids with you and engage in a family race. Ice karting is actually a suitable fun activity for kids, so you’re certainly going to have a great time!
  2. Ice divingice diving
    If you love wild adventures, ice diving is probably what you were looking for. This fun activity will get you full of adrenaline since minute number one. Ice diving takes you under the water to discover a hidden winter world. You can take photographs and share them with friends. Also, you don’t have to be an expert diver to enjoy ice diving as your instructor will help you all the way.
  3. “Fat” snow biking
    Who said that you can’t bike in the snow? Let’s abandon this old-fashioned myth because you can today go biking on the snow by riding a “fat” bike. It’s called “fat” because it’s provided with larger wheels than regular bikes. This new fun activity has become popular among American ski resorts and it seems to increase in success also overseas.
  4. Zip wire
    If you don’t mind spending a few days away from the comfort of your room at the resort, you may take part in a zip wire. This activity started in Val Thorens at Orelle (3,230m) but you can find zip wires at a variety of resorts, too. The activity takes you across the snow for kilometres away, but it’s really worth you try it.
  5. Water park
    Most people think of ski resorts as places to visit only when it snows. Well, water parks are the ultimate innovation to attract tourists also during the summer vacation. You can refresh yourself in the swimming pools, play water games with your kids, or practice aquatic sports. There are also fitness programs that you can follow to keep in good shape and eliminate that extra weight. The complex of water parks contains a lot of attractions and themed rides to try.
  6. Husky sledging
    Have you ever dreamt about riding on a husky sledge? Well, now you can do it. Look on the internet for the ski resorts that offer this stunning fun experience. You can admire the winter landscape while a team of dogs pulls you along on a sledge. Your kids will simply adore it!

Finally, don’t forget that you can take all the time that you want for yourself by joining a spa program in the ski resort. You’ll be pampered by natural hot water and you’ll choose massage therapy to enjoy the best relaxation. That’s just what you need to get back to the city life in perfect shape!

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