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School PE/5th Grade Pass Program

The Helena & East Helena School Districts, along with many other schools in the area, include skiing / snowboarding in their Physical Education curriculum. Typically, each 5th, 6th, and 7th grade student attends a SKI PE day once each season. Students at all levels are taught technique appropriate to their experience as well as information about skier safety and responsibility, frostbite, hypothermia and winter outdoor environmental awareness.

5th Grade students are awarded a Great Divide Season Pass upon completion of their PE Day, as well as other family benefits so that the students can continue skiing & riding.

6th & 7th Grade students are awarded a 2 for 1 lift ticket coupon so they may bring a friend or parent back for a return visit.

Rates are just $13 for the lesson / access and $13 for equipment including a helmet. Helmets are required. If you have your own equipment but lack a helmet you can rent one for $5. Scholarships are available to those who need financial assistance. Please contact us for additional details.

To include your child’s class, please have their PE teacher contact 449.3746 or