Friday April 30th at 3:00pm…

Thank you everyone for making the 2020 – 2021 season safe, fun and successful. While we are sad to see the season close we are excited to start preparing for next year.

Stay tuned through the summer as we provide updates on projects across the mountain.

Please note if you need assistance that our staff takes the month of May off so responses may be delayed. Our summer staff comes back 40 hours a week starting on June 1.


Season Lease Returns

For those of you that have not returned your Season Rentals yet please plan to meet us at the Murdoch’s Parking Lot on Sunday, May 2nd from 11am till 3pm. This is a great way to return your equipment without having to drive up to the mountain.

Look for the shipping container.

Please help us getting the equipment back so that we can get it tuned, tested, and ready for next season.

Lost And Found

Through the season we have collected an extensive selection of Lost & Found items. If you are missing something send an email with description to: and Rose will do her best to look for the item and return it. Please note that our staff does not work in the month of May so responses may be delayed.