Pioneering Ski Terrain

We are expanding our boundaries  and opening  
new ski terrain in the Tall Timbers Area, south and east of 
The Big Open. We are developing NEW trails and doing forestry work 
in that area right now.

Ski it this season whenever the Rawhide Gulch Chairlift is open.

Ski Big Berries……The Out Islands….and maybe more.
Return to The Rawhide Gulch loading station via 
Pineapple Express Trail. STEEP….REMOTE….FRESH Tracks!


 More Lifts Coming Up

For 2020-21 we hope to install the Summit Shuttle double chairlift
Loading at the bottom of Hiballer

Going above the top of the Mount Belmont Chairlift almost all the 
way to the antennas

This will be a fast 500 foot per minute ride that will get you to 
the top of the 3400'span and 1100' vertical rise in just seven minutes.

You will be able to access the loading zone from both 
Meadow Mountain and Good Luck Chairlifts, Northwest Passage from the 
WildWest side of the mountain and 
Rawhide Road from upper Rawhide Gulch.

Ski more than 60% of the mountain without having to return to the 
Base Area!

About 2022….We hope to install the Tall Timbers Chairlift.
About 800’ vertical rise out of Ottawa Gulch to up to the 
High Voltage cornice. From here you will be able to access some great 
steep terrain up high and some really fun roller-coaster areas on the 
lower end.

We skied this area quite a bit last season and had a blast. 
Now with a great deal of forestry clean up, you can join the fun 
whenever the Rawhide Gulch chairlift is operating.

All the components for both of these lifts are already on site.
Engineering and parts prep is underway!

Winter is coming and it's time to get stoked. Big things are 
happening at Great Divide and get ready for another wonderful winter 
on the snow.