Season Lease

Rental Type Standard SportPremium
Adult (6th grade +)$150$200$250
Child (preschool - 5th grade)$100$150$150

*New Equipment Surcharge: $25 for Children. $50 for Grade 6 Through Adult.



All the new Atomic and Volkl Skis and Dalbello boots have arrived in our rental shop. The colorful graphic designs make these skis even more fun!


Our NEW & RECENT skis have “full rocker”, “V-rocker” or “early rise” technology that makes the ski incredibly easy to turn in all conditions and at any speed. When you visit us this fall, we can explain how these new technologies will help you with the type of skiing you most enjoy.

We have a limited number of NEW hi-performance Dalbello boots for the very talented young skiers in our season lease program.

The Best Equipment Deals are at Great Divide

In total, we have over 1,200 full sets of equipment are available for sale or lease, so you’ll have a terrific selection of models and price ranges in every size. Many are completely reconditioned sets from previous seasons, and several hundred are brand new.


Bargain Basement Deals

Not interested in the newest gear, or it’s not in your budget this year? Then we have some equipment you’ll want to check out. We have been buying rental inventory very heavily the past few years so most of our “older” inventory is actually very recent models. Any visit during a September Sunday will get you great gear at very affordable prices.

We have several hundred skis in our Bargain Basement Sale. These are good skis that are getting a little older for our inventory- but not neglected! Freshly tested, tuned, waxed and set to your specifications. Many skis start at just $49, with full sets of youth skis and boots at $99!

Ski Sets

Economy skis have a wide platform and easy turning carve shape…just right to get those parallel turns smoothed out. Many of our skis feature “Early-Rise” rocker technology.

New Technology Sport skis provide a bit more zip and pop…..put some more fun in your run.  Many sport skis are now twin tip and all-mountain mid fats.

Premium Special Performance skis are suited to the advanced and expert skiers.  Big fat fluid “Backside” skis,  true twins, many with rocker, hi-speed carvers.

Snowboard Sets

Economy: Burton (Learn to Ride) for beginners.

New Technology Sport: Progression for intermediate & advanced freeriders.

Premium Special Performance: Rockered Progressions, Blunts, Dominants & FeelGoods…all perfect in the parks!

Our Rental Shop opens on Sunday September 7 from 10am till 5pm and other times by appointment 406.449.3746.

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