Current Conditions

  • Last Updated Thursday, April 21st, 2016
  • Weather Snowing
  • Current Temperature 30
  • Forecast Sunny
  • Lower Mtn snow depth 6
  • Upper Mtn snow depth 8
  • New Snow Since 5am 6-8
  • New snow last 24 hrs 6-8
  • Hours of this week Sunday 10am to 5pm
  • Resort Status

  • Ski Area Status Closed
  • Opening Time 10am
  • Closing Time 5pm
  • Night Skiing Opening Time
  • Night Skiing Closing Time
  • Total Acres 1000
  • Surface Conditions Variable Conditions


Name Status Night Status
Backyard Rope Tow Closed No
Meadow Mountain Closed No
Good Luck Closed No
Mount Belmont Closed No
Rawhide Gulch Closed No
Wild West Closed No


Name Difficulty Groomed Or Cut Status Featured Terrain Night Operations
RUCKUS s No closed Yes No
RASCAL m Yes closed Yes No
REVENGE X-Course m Yes closed No No
ROWDY s No closed No No
WildWood m Yes closed Yes No
RODEO l Yes closed No No