Saturday November 28th, 2015….6am….15 degrees…Sunny skies, very little wind and warming temperatures will welcome you to Great Divide today!    Expect 25 degrees  this afternoon.    You now have several ways down from two chairlifts.   Four very well covered and freshly groomed trails from the Good Luck and Meadow Mountain Chairlifts.   Lift tickets are $30.    We also have the FREE BackYard Beginners Area and Tow open and lessons are available for beginners and kids.         Ten park features on the north side of lower Broadway outside of the main trail.     On  Saturday and Sunday afternoons,  we will open the Mount Belmont Chairlift for some upper mountain ADVENTURE SKIING….Best done by those that are familiar with the mountain and don’t mind taking a few knocks.    Access is at the Operator’s discretion.         Don’t forget those HalfPrice PassPorts and low cost season lease packages as terrific holiday gifts.      Terrific lift ticket special available online each day.  Open again on Sunday 9:30-4.  Ticket special available at this site.moonsetWe will warm up nicely today.